Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Good News about RDI

The Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Program provides families with the tools to re-visit development for their child and to help parents understand how their child's mind works. The RDI Program also provides parents with tools to help their child better understand the world around them and to help them learn. RDI is a very unique intervention program because it is specifically tailored for the individual family.   It follows a very
specific developmental path, but the canvas for the journey is formed from the elements of the individual family situation.
Parents are educated, guided and encouraged to learn about their child's strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the process, parents also learn to understand themselves better.   
It isn't a miracle cure nor is it an easy solution. Unfortunately, causes of autism are not well known, but we know that it affects the "wiring" of our brain and the way children are able to process information. The good news is brains are capable of change at any age given the right interactions. Parents are taught how to provide these interactions in a developmentally appropriate, relationship based way. 
Many families who chose the RDI journey report that they lives are more "normal". They stopped investing their energy in crisis management, but rather work on the continuous growth of their child's mind. They find their child is able to enjoy life more, cope better and actually look forward to small challenges. 

“Our son, who used to walk out the door or into the street, now waits with us and never leaves the house without a parent. Our son, who used to be unable to communicate how he felt, can now convey when he feels sick or unhappy. These changes are not just developmentally appropriate; they are directly related to the activities and objectives we have worked on with him through RDI.”

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